There are many advantages to hiring a builder with experience and expertise in house designs Brisbane. The best ones have proven track records in the building industry and offer a transparent approach to the project. They can also meet with you to discuss your design ideas. The best thing about working with a builder with experience is that you will be able to rely on their expertise.


If you are in the market for a new home in the Brisbane region, you have a few options to consider. First, you should consider what your lifestyle is like. If you want to live in a place with a lot of space, you can choose a design that is more open and airy. For instance, a home that has three stories is a great choice.

Alternatively, if you’re planning to use your new home as an investment property, you can choose a builder with a wealth of experience. A professional can streamline the process for you and keep you informed throughout, making the whole process stress-free for you.


Transparency is key in the home building process. From the house designs to the handing over of the keys, communication should be open and honest. With the right company, you can expect to be satisfied with the end results. Transparency in house designs Brisbane is a top priority. You want a house that complements the land you have chosen.

The Different Kinds of House Designs in Brisbane

When it comes to house designs, Brisbane has a large variety to choose from. Single-level homes are popular, and many have open floor plans and few walls. This style gives a feeling of more space. Single-story homes are also better for elderly people since there are no stairs or balconies, reducing the risk of injury. While multi-story homes provide separation between living areas, they’re also great for entertaining. They also give homeowners more storage space.


House designs in Brisbane are often derived from the English or American style. The modern American style has become very common in Queensland. This style is usually single level and constructed using a steel or timber frame with a brick veneer. It is a relatively inexpensive style and is often found in suburban areas.

The first woman architect in Queensland was Eunice Slaughter. She designed a house in 1937 for the State Advances Corporation, a precursor to the QLD Housing Commission. This group produced homes that were affordable for the working class, and was a catalyst for the rise of home ownership in the state.

Origins of Queenslander style

Originating in Australia, Queenslander style house designs are characterized by large, double doors and a broad veranda. Historically, Queenslanders were raised on timber stumps but, in more modern times, they were constructed on concrete or steel slabs. This allows the homes to remain elevated and prevent flood damage if they are built in a flood-prone area.

The Queenslander style of house design is a distinctive style that has been cultivated in the Queensland region for over a century. Originating in the mid-1800s, construction of these homes continued into the 20th century. Today, they are one of Australia’s most recognizable architectural styles. There are many variations of this style, ranging from traditional subtropical elements to modern classic features.

Origins of split-level design

A split level design usually comprises three levels of living space, with the one-story segment of the home attached to the two-story section at the point between the two levels. These homes are popular on lots with sloping landscapes because they can provide a spacious, efficient layout while still remaining affordable. In the past, these houses were even part of whole subdivisions.

These homes were originally built on a single level, but have since been divided into two parts. They are divided by a garage, which allows the home to have a compact foundation and is also easy to walk on. The roof is low-pitched, making them economical to build.

Origins of double storey design

The term ‘Queenslander’ is used to refer to different styles of structures in Queensland. These homes are generally single-storey and feature prominent exterior staircases, gabled roofs, and a central veranda. They are typically made from timber, metal, or brick veneer and are sold as a package.

These homes can be a great choice for a city or inner-city area. In these places, land space is limited, so the double-storey design allows homeowners to build a larger home on a smaller block. These homes also allow for more flexible open-plan living. However, it is important to consider how each floor is connected to the other to ensure that the two floors are integrated.

You can design your own home. Just ask expert home builders to assist you.